The next step

Having identified four core topics, there are two approaches to this site. The first is to browse topical items as they roll in, the other is to dig in to read some of the extended analysis upon which this site is based.

Here are some of topics that will be unpacked over the coming months.


It is important to make a clear distinction between what is necessary to domesticate crops or livestock and what is done to make the same crops or livestock profitable. It is very easy to conflate the two for a number reasons and with more than one purpose in mind. More to follow here.


Raising livestock, growing crops and food manufacture are all lumped together under the umbrella of production. There is more than a little crossover with transport, as will become apparent.


The glue that holds supply chains together.


If this website is to achieve anything worthwhile, this should be the most extensive and controversial topic. The evolution of prices and the attribution of value across the life of a product explain some of the problems we face today.

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