Eustice shopping tips

George Eustice (photo: UK parliament/free to use)

When trying to save money while shopping for food, stating the blindingly obvious is not going to go down well. Food and farming minister George Eustice (pictured) take note. For those who frequent the supermarket aisles at regular intervals, there is no need for well-paid MPs to chip in with their two pennyworth, as reported in The Guardian this week.
Supermarket shelves are laid out to make it easy to spot cheap products, so advising shoppers to consider cheaper fighting brands is unnecessary. Just saying that simply trading down will enable shoppers to “…contain and manage their household budget…” is rubbing salt into the wounds.
Possibly more damaging to his ministerial credibility was Eustice’s assertion that the UK has a “…very competitive retail market with 10 big supermarkets…” resulting in “…a lot of competition to keep prices down.” Since all retailers face open-ended rises in energy and haulage costs, food is not about to get any cheaper. And that is before phasing in veterinary certificates and the cost of food safety checks on imported animal products.

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